Medtronic NIM Response 3.0

Medtronic NIM Response 3.0

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Medtronic NIM-Response 3.0 Features:

The Medtronic NIM-Response 3.0 system is used in a wide variety of applications including Intracranial, Extracranial, Intratemporal, Extratemporal, Neck Dissection, Thoracic Surgeries, lower and Upper Extremities, and Spinal procedures. The NIM System uses EMG activity from the patient's muscles to monitor the nerves that could be at risk. By monitoring the patient's nerves during procedures, it can reduce the risk of damage during procedures. The NIM System includes a color touch screen to make it easier to use. There are three individual modes and a customizable setting. The NIM-Response 3.0 can monitor up to four channels, or four individual nerve-muscle combinations at one time. The system USB port making it easy to transfer documents for storage in a medical facility.

  • Monitors during bipolar cautery
  • Artifact deletion Software
  • Stim Bur integration for the Visao Drill
  • Real-time continuous monitoring with the APS Electrode
  • Control from the surgical Field
  • Multiple USB ports for easy documentation
  • Monitors up to four channels of nerve-muscle combinations at a time
  • Frequently used in ENT surgery, skull-based, and head and neck procedures

Medtronic NIM-Response 3.0 Specifications

  • Height: 33 cm
  • Width: 30 cm
  • Depth: 27 cm
  • Weight: 6.8 kg