Storz Cart / With Monitor arm

Storz Cart / With Monitor arm

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  • 1  Storz 264305-20   S/N GE261124-P
  • 1  Storz  Image 1 HUB 222020-S/NGE261124-P
  • 1  Storz   Light Source 20133120  S/N GE616126
  • 1  Storz   AIDA  202056-20 S/N  NY6001532-T
  • 1  Sony Printer  S/N  90491
  • 1  Storz Wide view  monitor  S/N  114658
  • 1  Storz 20090331  S/N GOOD
  • 1  Storz  22220H61 Camera Head  S/NRYR002849-K
  • 1 Storz   22220140 Camera Head  S/N CE626379-H

General description The Image 1 CCU is a revolutionary endoscopic camera control unit for use with, single, three chip and HDImage 1 camera heads. It provides many state-of-the-art features, including:

  • Camera features and functions can be programmed for access via the camera head buttons
  • Reprogrammable circuitry to allow the CCU to reprogram its settings (based on the camera head in use) for an optimal image
  • All-digital circuitry for increased image accuracy, less noise in the image, and no image degradation from camera head to output device
  • Digital image enhancement and fiberoptic endoscope filtering capabilities to increase the level of contrast and definition of the image
  • Options for exposure control, including patented automatic exposure system.
  • High Definition still image capture and Standard Definition still image and video capture.

A keyboard may be included with the Image 1 CCU to access camera functions and set displays such as time/date and patient information. The Image 1 CCU incorporates the KarlStorz Communication Bus (SCB)system for integration into a complete operating room system. The SCB system allows communication between the Karl Storz devices connected to the system. From this communication, parameters of the SCB devices can be displayed centrally.

*Sold as a package