Buying New vs. Buying Refurbished C-Arm

Buying New vs. Buying Refurbished C-Arm

There are various types of C-Arm used and are determined by the procedures that will be performed with them. C-Arms are used in various peripheral vascular, neurosurgery, gastrointestinal, pain management & urology, orthopedics, anesthesia, and a few additional procedures in Operation Theaters such as HSG and varicocele embolization.

If you have finally decided to invest in updated C-Arm equipment for your healthcare institution, you will have two options: purchase new C-Arms or look for refurbished C-Arms. You'll also need to think about your needs in terms of machine size and capability.

Based on our many years of experience, we can make the following professional recommendations:

1) Financial  Budget

The cost of a new C-Arm can range from $80,000 to $250,000. C-Arms that have been refurbished typically cost between $20,000 and $120,000. Yes, that is a significant range. So, before contacting C-Arm refurbishers, figure out how much you can afford. Otherwise, simply go for a flat panel C-Arm as it is up-to-the latest technology and worth the cost.

2) Bare minimum capabilities

C-Arms are utilized for particular investigations in pain management, urology, cardiac orthopedics, and vascular research. And, on rare occasions, for a mix of research. Which of these skills do you think you'll need in your practice? C-Arms for pain management are usually affordable. But, the most expensive procedures are usually vascular, cardiac, and neurovascular. So, take into consideration your minimum capabilities and choose the one that fulfils the maximum of your requirements.

3) Check for defects

C-Arms that have been used might have some unknown defects. Many used C-Arms are sold "as it is" or with a minimal warranty. C-Arms that have been refurbished are tested, fixed, painted, and re-calibrated, with all working parts. Hence, it is advisable to go for latest technology in C-Arms i.e. flat panel C-Arms.

4) Be Aware of The Rep

Rep refers to a person's reputation. You should get a guarantee as well as installation, training, and in-service if you acquire a refurbished C-Arm. Be wary of organizations that offer to "drop-ship" you a C-Arm; if they do, the warranty may be voided if the equipment is damaged or doesn't work when it arrives. Finally, the contract—which must be in writing—is only as good as the corporation issuing it. As a result, do your homework.

You can also request a list of client references. A good company will usually be able to supply more than one or two excellent references. Great companies will provide you with a list of references that is several pages long.

5) Warranty's worth

Warranties are expensive for the Refurbished C-Arm firms that give them. If a trustworthy company offers you a 1-year warranty on your refurbished C-Arm, they can be calculating a value of up to 10-15% of the C-Arm's cost. A C-Arm that fails before a full day of procedures more than twice in the first year can cost you the majority of the warranty you didn't acquire upfront. Many practitioners are hesitant to take such a risk.

6) X-ray generator power

The amount of x-ray power is an essential thing to take into consideration. However, more the x-ray generator power more will be flexible in imagining that too in a short span of time. The less risk of errors in another add-on. These few benefits can be availed when buying a new C-Arm as the x-ray generator power will be high. Usually, higher x-ray generator power is demanded in the treatment of patients with high risk and pediatric. Also, for surgical procedures, the new C-Arm will be the best in comparison to a refurbished C-Arm.

7) Positioning flexibility

A C-Arm should be flexible to move from one place to another. One can choose a new C-Arm with great depth but shouldn’t be too large. When buying it, special emphasises should be given to the size of the patients. Moreover, it should be low enough to fit underneath the operating theatre tables or fluorescent table top. A surgeons point of view should also be taken care of; as a surgeon is already knowledgeable about the various movements. The movements such as lateral, orbital, vertical and horizontal.

8) Tube Type

The latest C-Arm is available with dual focal spots. The tube-type makes one make a choice between rotating anode or stationary options. The heat from the cathode beam should be dispersed on all the surfaces of the anode when it rotates. These are the main things that help in performing longer scans at higher doses. So, in this case, also the new C-Arm is going to be beneficial. As going for a refurbished C-Arm you never know what will be the tube type or how far away it can reach.

9) Image display, processing or storage

The Flat Panel C-Arm comes with the latest and innovative technology to better improve surgery. From high quality imaging, precision to low dose fluoroscopy. Various modes available for setting parameters dependent on the body parts. Fully and semi auto mode is present. It also offers image intensifier technology apart from a CCD camera in high resolution, big display monitors, great storage, transfer of images and a USB data port.


You're ready to buy now that you've done your study and determined how much you can spend, for what you'll be using your C-Arm for, whether you want a refurbished, used, or a new one, and who the reputable players are. Of course, there are always questions that can only be answered by knowledgeable persons who have sold C-Arms for a long time. PT Medical Technologies can assist you in this regard. Please give us a call. A dedicated sales and service team representative is 24*7 on hand to help you.

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