The TM-Flow System: What It Is and How It Can Help You?

C17  The TM-Flow System: What It Is and How It Can Help You?

Our entire body is affected by the autonomic nervous system. It can, however, be easily altered with a primary or secondary disorder. Different types of symptoms can develop due to the disorder in any part or system of the body. Symptoms can include dramatic fluctuation in blood pressure, inconsistency in urination, and several others.

TM-Flow system is an innovative and unique platform that offers doctors valuable information about the automatic nervous system. It primarily facilitates the specialists with the possible degradation of the functioning of a system due to a chronic health condition.

The automatic nervous system technically involves several measurements, and often each measurement is done independently via a specific modality. TM-Flow System, however, combines all the technologies used for diagnosing automatic nervous system dysfunction with single testing.

The process ensures the assessment of a broad spectrum of issues caused due to the deteriorating automatic nervous system in few minutes. Moreover, the testing reveals critical clinical data that can help diagnose any possible ailment at the early stage and help with the treatment of secondary concerns. 

What is TM Flow System Test?

TM-Flow System is a comprehensive medical instrument data system. Several vital indicators are evaluated using this approach. Blood pressure, Galvanic Skin Response, SpO2 (Oxygen Saturation) percent, and heart rate are only a few of them.

The TM-Flow technology provides users with mathematical vital sign analyses that might help them understand vascular malfunction and autonomic neuropathy. It's a valuable tool for assessing vascular health and the autonomic nervous system.

The TM-Flow test uses three different technologies to measure, assess and differentiate the vital signs between vascular and neuropathic symptoms:

  1. TM-ABI,
  2. LD-Oxy
  3. SweatC

    The TM Flow is a one-of-a-kind diagnostic tool that gives a consistent and repeatable examination in about 7 minutes. The TM Flow system is unique because of its simple process, which results in a wealth of clinical data. Wireless connection with the brachial blood pressure cuff, ankle blood pressure cuffs, and photoplethysmograph is available in the latest version of the TM Flow (finger probe).

    In addition, with the colour-coding findings with an automatic interpretation, the TM Flow report is considerably easier to comprehend for physicians and medical professionals.

    How can TM-Flow System Help You?

    With a patient wellbeing report, the TM Flow takings ANS Testing to a whole new level. This Wellness Report has proven to be an excellent supplement to the information because it now provides physicians and medical professionals with empirical data.

    It helps the patients with diet, exercise, food groups, and supplements, all of which are suggested by the Wellness Report based on the findings of each patient.

    With the TM-Flow System, you may get a faster diagnosis

    TM-Flow focuses on quick detection. It also focuses on potential problems of all kinds. It's a system that's designed for those with chronic metabolic issues, such as diabetes.

    It is made up of several tests that are used to assess clinical outcomes. Ankle-brachial index, Cardiac Autonomic Reflex or EWING, photo-plethysmography assessment, and sudomotor function tests are examples of these examinations.

    These many tests are used for a variety of purposes. In general, they cover a lot of ground. Pneumo-plethysmography is used to perform ankle-brachial index tests. Postural adjustments and deep breathing exercises are included in Cardiac Autonomic Reflex testing. Sympathetic skin reaction is required for sudomotor function tests.

    Better Conveniences are a result of improved technology

    There are various advantages to taking this test. First and foremost, it's easy to use. It isn't in any way intrusive. It also does not necessitate a significant time investment. This test usually takes between seven and ten minutes to complete. Its reports are not difficult to understand.

    Ankle-brachial indices, Ewing, sudomotor, and photoplethysmography analysis tests are all part of this comprehensive medical device data system. There are many similarities between vascular and neural illnesses. In many ways, the symptoms of vascular and autonomic neuropathy are similar.

    The TM-Flow system may be ideal if you wish to benefit from a quick vascular health exam. It allows you to determine the stiffness of your arteries. It assesses sudomotor performance in great detail. It looks for signs of peripheral artery disease in people. It even offers a thorough examination of issues about cardiac autonomy neuropathy.

    Single Test for Multiple Issues

    There are several conditions for which autonomic nervous system testing can be done. With the TM-Flow system, the process is expedited, and it is advised when a patient displays some signs of autonomic dysfunction.

    Furthermore, testing is often used when clinical data and routine laboratory testing fail to provide accurate diagnosis data.

    TM-Flow System is often recommended to patients who suffer from any of these:

    • Syncope
    • Postural Tachycardia Syndrome
    • Resting tachycardia
    • Pre-diabetes or diabetes
    • Impaired tolerance to glucose
    • Insulin resistance
    • Suffering from chronic pain in the feet
    • Numbness in the feet and hands

      Apart from these, Automatic Nervous System Testing (ANS)can be done to investigate conditions like

      • Cardiac dysrhythmia
      • Sleep Apnea
      • Fibromyalgia
      • Hypertension
      • Chronic fatigue syndrome
      • Allergic conditions

        ANS testing can be advised to identify any of these conditions along with the TM Flow System. The latter helps get vital clinical information about the efficacy of the medical therapy the patient undergoes for these conditions.

         Final Words

        TM Flow System is the future of any medical practice, mainly when most patients who visit the clinic suffer from early signs of lifestyle ailments. When a doctor implements the TM Flow System into the patient's annual physicals, it is possible to detect the early disorders in the automatic nervous system and prevent them with proper medication.

        Moreover, with TM Flow System, it is easy to diagnose any such ailment while also determining the medicine's efficacy in case of a chronic condition.

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