TM Flow In Early Detection for Diabetes

TM Flow In Early Detection for Diabetes


The TM Flow is a one-of-a-kind diagnostic tool that gives a consistent and examination in under 10 minutes.

The autonomic nervous system, which is our entire body, can easily get affected or the system can get altered or disrupted when there is a primary or secondary disorder.

Due to these disorders, which can be on any system or part of the body, there will be specific symptoms. Some symptoms can include an increase or fluctuation in blood pressure, irregular heartbeat, problem with urination, etc.

With the advent of technology, medical science, and diagnosis improvements, doctors and medical professionals use new diagnosis systems and platforms. One such unique platform is the TM-Flow system.

The TM-Flow System: What It Is and How It Can Help You?

It allows the doctors to gather valuable information about the functioning of the autonomic nervous system. Often the TM-Flow system is used by specialists to collect information about the degradation of the systems' functioning due to chronic health conditions.

Furthermore, the system warrants that a broad spectrum of issues can be identified within a few minutes that are being caused due to the deteriorating autonomic nervous system. The platform also allows specialists and doctors to use the test data to identify any ailment at an early stage. The information is often helpful in thwarting the ailment's progression and treating secondary concerns.

How does TM Flow Help In Early Detection For Diabetes?

Now that a basic understanding of TM-Flow is in place let's get into the details of how it can help with the early detection of diabetes.

Diagnosing CAN

The TM Flow system is non-invasive testing that is not only comfortable but also a convening method. The TM Flow ANS is mainly beneficial for patients with other health risks. The test makes it easy to detect common diabetic complications like cardiac autonomic neuropathy (CAN). CAN have been one of the most underdiagnosed diabetic conditions, but with the TM Flow, CAN is identified along with other issues that can pose a risk to the patient.

Diabetic Neuropathy Identification

Another condition that needs to be identified in diabetes treatment is diabetic neuropathy. It is, in most cases, a subjective understanding, which is based on the input given by the patient. With the help of TM Flow testing, unbiased technology can be used, which is more objective and can offer a better clinical report. Based on this, the doctor can assess the patient's risk factors and health and start with the treatment for both primary and secondary concerns.

Well Being Of The Patient

TM flow uses the ANS Testing and elevates it to a new level by giving a comprehensive patient report. The wellness report is created by assessing the vital signs of the patient. The technologies used in the TM Flow system include Blood Pressure, Galvanic Skin Response, SpO2 (Oxygen Saturation) percent, and heart rate. The platform uses all these vital signs and mathematically evaluates the patient's system to get an insight into autonomic neuropathy and vascular dysfunctions.

The test employs three technologies to assess and measure vital signs. These technologies are:

  • TM-AMB,
  • LD-Oxy
  • Sweatt

The accuracy of the tests performed by TM Flow is known to be as precise and similar to DNS (Diabetic Neuropathy Symptom) scores, OGTT ( Oral Glucose Tolerance Test), and coronary angiography.

Faster Diagnosis

Since a single testing method is used in detecting the ailment, time and money are saved. It also indicates the other possible complications that can arise from chronic metabolic conditions like diabetes. For instance, the Sudomotor function determines the sympathetic skin response. The Ankle Brachial index tests help measure the pneumo-plethysmography, while the Cardiac Autonomic Reflex tests the deep breathing and postural adjustments.

Identifying the Cause

Often people suffering from diabetes get symptoms like dry skin, hands and feet tingling or numbness, feeling fatigued, feeling hungry, weight loss, feeling thirst, or having infections, apart from frequent urinating a lot during the night.

All these are part of the autonomic system. The internal functions like blood flow, sweating, thirst, and blood pressure are due to autonomic functioning. Often with the TM flow system testing, the response of the autonomic system is identified, which allows the specialists to discover the causes of the symptoms.

Better Technology Means Better Understanding With TM-Flow

Numerous benefits are associated with TM Flow. It is not only a simple testing process but requires relatively less time to conduct the test and gives a better result. Furthermore, the reports provided by the TM Flow system test are easy to comprehend.

It is easy to reap the benefits of the TM Flow system with a detailed assessment of the autonomic nervous system, including the early detection of diabetes and its health risks.

You can get the TM-Flow system device for your clinic and offer better diabetes care management. 

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